Best Practices To Ensure Longevity Of Your Industrial Machinery

Best Practices To Ensure Longevity Of Your Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery and tools are pivotal elements for any manufacturer. They are the centre of all manufacturing facilities. If they run faulty, the by-product comes out faulty. The main attacking agents for these types of heavy machinery include elements like dust, fumes, grease, soot and oil, hazardous byproducts, metal shavings, wood scraps, plastic scraps, paper, cardboard, etc.

Primary - Tools for Industrial Machinery

Maintenance doesn’t have to be just reactive, you’ll save time and money by practising it proactively. Predictive maintenance will ensure that your machinery works for longer periods and efficiently, without hiccups. Following a few simple principles while working around such machinery will save you a lot of repair and post-maintenance. Keep reading for some steps that can be followed before the scheduled maintenance arrives.

Preventive and predictive maintenance involves things like cleaning, tightening, lubrication, etc. to keep the equipment in good condition.

Clean And Organize

The simplest way to keep your equipment and employees safe is to keep it organized. Keep accurate records as you clean and maintain your equipment. This way you’ll keep track of which equipment has been attended to, while also efficiently making time to look at other equipment. A cleaning record will also come in handy if something does go wrong and you need to address it.

Pressure Washers and Cannons

Investing in high-quality pressure washers and water cannons will do you and your equipment good. The grease and grime that acts as abrasives and causes friction can cause major problems if left unattended. Water cannons can remove a more substantial amount of grease while pressure washers are used for small scale cleaning. Either way, these items will help majorly to clean out the grime and grease.


One of the primary components of routine maintenance checks is lubrication. The condition of the machinery will be preserved for longer durations if you treat it with the correct lubricant. Different parts need different kinds of oil and grease to function and choosing the wrong type of oil will do more harm than good. Take note of the manufacturer’s recommendations and use the prescribed lubricant.

Follow Engineers’ Advise

The engineers who designed the equipment will know the machine like the back of their hands. They will know more about the equipment’s weak points, wear points and lubrication requirements. The best industry machinery and tools come with care instructions to follow. Follow these care instructions to the tee to maximize the life and services of the equipment.

Train Your Employees

Your employees need to be aware of all the ongoing processes and equipment. This is important to maintain both the equipment and the safety of the employees on site. Employee education is a crucial stem to work safer and smarter. Dedicate time to train your staff when new machinery is installed. When the users of the machines are aware of their functioning and needs, there’s little that could go wrong.

Avoid Non-Work Activities Near the Equipment

Non-work tasks like eating and other activities that could bring contaminants to your workstation should be avoided at all costs. Some of these machines are extremely sensitive to moisture and could result in rusting.

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Engineering Workshop Equipment: Safety Dos and Don’ts!

Engineering Workshop Equipment: Safety Dos and Don'ts!

Engineering Workshop Equipment: Safety Dos and Don'ts!

“When safety comes first, you last!” – Anonymous.

For any engineering workshop, safety has special importance. It is needless to say that safe working practices should be followed at all times — failure of which can not only result in damaging your precious equipment but can even cost the precious life of your workers. It is not just enough if your equipment is supplied by the best workshop machinery manufacturers, you need to accurately gauge the potential risks involved in its usage and how those risks can be managed. You cannot depend on chance when it comes to safety. It can only be achieved if safe practices become a part of your workshop’s daily endeavours and planning.

Workshop Machinery Manufacturers

Taking charge of your equipment and employees’ well-being is the need of the hour for every workshop. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts that you can use to make better, safer decisions to manage your equipment. Because prevention is always better than cure!

Safety Measures to Follow For Industrial Machinery & Tools

  • Ensure everybody is aware of the working manual and its content before operating the machine.
  • Ensure that every machine has an efficient working guard that operates  with the machine
  • Ensure that the work and cutting tools on any machine are securely clamped before using them 
  • Ensure the floor is clean and free of any metal waste. 
  • Ensure the first aid is always ready in case of any unforeseen injury
  • Ensure sufficient light in the working area
  • Always wear safety gear such as safety glasses, face shields and shoes prescribed with the equipment
  • Ensure every worker dresses for the job
  • Encourage workers to wear shirts with sleeves cut off or rolled above the elbows
  • Clean up any spilt liquid immediately to keep the floor free of any oil, grease, or any other liquid
  • Ensure aisles are clear all the time in case of an emergency exit to avoid tripping accidents
  • See to it that the  placement of equipment doesn’t lead to tripping hazards
  • Ensure to put tools back in their safe areas when not in use
  • Have a  scrap box

The Big Don’ts When It Comes to Operating Engineering Workshop Equipment

  • Don’t gossip or encourage unnecessary talks when operating a machine, to avoid distractions. 
  • Avoid wearing rings, watches, bracelets or other accessories that have a tendency to get caught up with the moving equipment 
  • Avoid wearing ties or any kind of loose clothing 
  • Avoid leaving tools of work on the equipment or machinery when not in use. Tools may fall off and cause unforeseen injuries.
  • Avoid letting anyone operate the machine without authorization and without the supervision of an instructor
  • Avoid using your body parts to force-stop a machine
  • Don’t rest against the machine.

Best precautionary measures need to be complemented by the best Engineering workshop equipment. If you are looking for the best workshop machinery manufacturers or welding machine dealers, contact us at Hi-Tech Agencies in Mangalore. We deal with high-quality woodworking and furniture machinery, abrasions, accessories, spares, construction tools, power tools, and more. We will give you products that are the perfect blend of modern technology and engineering.

4 Reasons Why You Need the Latest & Superior Solid Woodworking Machines

4 Reasons You Need the Latest & Superior Solid Woodworking Machines

4 Reasons You Need the Latest & Superior Solid Woodworking Machines

Imagine your whole house or workplace was built with only metal and plastic. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? We need natural-looking, hard-wearing furniture created with woodworking machines that work on wood particle boards. Not all machinery is the same. A special type of machinery that works with pieces of wood and is used to create different types of furniture items and finished goods, is called woodworking machinery. There is also special woodworking machinery that produces timber products for builders and architects, such as Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

customized modular furniture manufacturers

You need the latest, high-quality solid woodworking machines to achieve great finish and longevity of your products. But is that it? Not really. Read on to know more about why you need to invest in superior industrial woodworking machinery and why the investment can be good for you and your business.

Accuracy and Precision

When it comes to woodwork and wood carving, measurement is everything! A piece of wood must be carved at specific lengths, depths, and breadths. The precision and accuracy of high-quality woodworking machines enhance the finished goods — especially for customized modular furniture manufacturers. The latest machines also offer CNC features for precision and a lot of flexibility in the ways they can be used to give shape to wooden products. You can do a lot more with these machines even with little time!

Available in an Array of Models and Units

The latest and superior woodworking machines are available in a wide range of models and units. Each type can suit specific woodworking needs and particular functions. You can buy at least a single unit of a few different types of machinery. Moreover, if you are going to buy a firsthand high-quality machine, it won’t need repairs or replacement for many, many years! Consider the brand that you are going to get in touch with for buying them. 

User-Friendliness Like Never Before

If you thought industrial and woodworking machinery is complicated, let us assure you of this – the latest models are extremely user-friendly when compared to the earlier models of the wood carving machines. The user-friendliness they offer can boost your production levels and give you top-notch results. All you need to do is keep your requirements and your production goals in mind. 

Beat the Competition

India has a very rich tradition of woodworking and carpentry, and it has had it for centuries. The woodworking industry has grown rapidly and so many new companies keep entering the market on a daily basis. So, if you want to stay ahead of the market competition, deliver exceptional quality and customer satisfaction and keep growing your business, then investing in the latest and top-grade solid woodworking machines and industrial woodworking machinery is a must! 

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